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Welcome to our shop. This tool is designed to help our customers quickly browse Henny Penny equipment and eventually supplies. We work closely with a network of premium restaurant dealers in our local area to assist you in not only getting the Henny Penny equipment of your dreams at the best possible price, but with our dealer partners we can also help with design build and everything in your kitchen!


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Henny Penny Evolution Elite

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The Evolution Elite

Cooking better food with less oil—that’s the inspiration behind the innovative Evolution Elite® open fryer from Henny Penny. This revolutionary family of reduced oil capacity fryers uses 40% less oil than regular open fryers and lets you filter any vat any time at the touch of a button. Fast recovery, automatic oil top-off and easy-to-use controls mean you’re saving time, energy and labor with every load.

The Henny Penny Evolution Elite isn’t just an advanced fryer… it raises frying to a whole new order of quality, simplicity and cost management.


EEE 141 1-well electric
EEE 142 2-well electric
EEE 143 3-well electric
EEE 144 4-well electric

EEG 241 1-well gas
EEG 242 2-well gas
EEG 243 3-well gas
EEG 244 4-well gas

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