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Prime Cleaning Products

  • 12400 Prime Cleaner Fryer Packets

    • 24-6oz packets per case​

    • 100 cases per pallet

    • The Henny Penny 12400 prime cleaner fryer packets contain a white crystalline compound that is added directly to the water in fryer vats during a boil-out/clean-out. It eliminates impurities and removes oils, grease, and scorch marks, reducing the labor and time needed to scrub down the fryer. Each packet holds 6 ounces of product to clean the fryer, improve food taste, and maximize the unit's life.


Prime Filter Products

  • 12088 Prime Filter Powder

    • 22lb (10kg) bulk case

  • 12092 Prime Filter Packets

    • 90 - 12 fl oz packets per packet​

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