We design, develop, and manufacture premium foodservice equipment known for reliability, ease of use and low operating costs. We’ve proudly served the world’s most demanding kitchens for over 60 years. Our products and complete start-up, service, training and technical support are all available through FSI.


Crysalli was born out of a passion for water quality and beverage dispensing equipment. We saw that there was a gap in the market place for Sparkling and Still water beverage equipment built for the demands of the American market place, for people and companies looking for a healthy alternative to soda, and concerned about their environmental footprint as they watched waste from glass and plastic bottles leave their facility and fill our oceans.


Alfa Pro commercial ovens are the only cooking appliances of their kind that do not require building works for installation. CompactFlame technology allows you to have a real flame pizza oven in less space. Once you receive your professional pizza oven in your restaurant you have just to unpack it, plug it in and start cooking! Coming from over 40 years of experience and research, Alfa Pro wood and gas fired ovens for commercial use are the best solution for your restaurant activity.


Turbo Pot is an all new high-quality cookware that heats up twice as fast as regular cookware - allowing you to save time, reduce your gas bill and preserve more nutrients in the food you cook.

The Turbo Pot is the winner of the prestigious Kitchen Innovation Award 2009 from the National Restaurant Assocciation.


Nilma designs and manufactures machineries for the catering sector and the food industry. A specialist in the industry since 1956, Nilma combines respect for Italy's fine food tradition with automated systems specifically designed for the sector.
Choosing Nilma means the certainty of obtaining outstanding equipment and solutions, created by exclusive experience and technology.


We have a fully equipped test kitchen in our Lake Zurich facility. An informed purchasing decision is best made after testing the equipment being considered. Our kitchen offers end users and dealers an opportunity to work with and understand our equipment.