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Henny Penny Fryer Troubleshooting

Fried food is a must for any commercial kitchen. Henny Penny manufactures some of the best deep fryers in the foodservice industry that can easily make everything from chicken wings to onions rings with ease.


When something is ailing a commercial fryer, it can bring a business to a halt. Fortunately, we have Henny Penny fryer troubleshooting tips to help you diagnose the problem. Below are tips for top Henny Penny models, including standard and high-volume open fryers, pressure fryers and McDonald’s LVE/LVG fryers.

Fryer Won’t Run

If the unit isn’t running, the following issues could be present:

  • Open circuit – When the power switch is “ON” but the fryer isn’t running, there is an open circuit. If the unit is plugged in, the breaker or fuse might need to be replaced by an authorized service technician.

  • Tripped motor thermal protector – When the filter switch is “ON” but the motor isn’t running, that means the motor thermal protector has tripped. The thermal switch will need to be reset by an authorized technician.


Oil Won’t Heat

When oil or shortening isn’t heating while the machine’s lights are on, below are potential causes:

  • Open high limit circuit – If the high limit circuit is open or tripped, have an authorized technician reset it from the high temperature limit control.

  • Open drain valve – To close the drain valve, turn the valve handle into the closed position.


Food Too Dark

Whenever food comes out of the fryer too dark, check for the following:

  • High temperature settings – See if the temperature is too high. Check the temperature setting in the program mode and correct accordingly.

  • Food breaded too far in advance – Breading needs to be added to food closer to frying.


Food Too Light

If you notice the food coming out too light, look for the potential causes below:


                  OFE-341 Fryer


  • Incorrect product button chosen – In many cases, the wrong product button could’ve been selected. Be sure to the press the correct button before cooking.

  • Low temperature – See if the temperature is too low. Check the temperature setting in the program mode and correct accordingly.

  • Improper preheating – Make sure the preheating time is correct before adding food to the fryer.


Food Too Greasy

If the food comes out too greasy, see if one of the following issues is present:

  • Low temperature – See if the temperature is too low. Check the temperature setting in the program mode and correct accordingly.

  • Old oil – Old oil or shortening can make food too greasy. Replace shortening appropriately.

  • Overloaded frypot – Having too much food in the frypot can make the finished product too greasy. Avoid this by reducing the cooking load in the frypot.

  • Food left in frypot too long – Food should be removed from the frypot immediately at the end of the frying cycle.


Oil Won’t Drain

When the oil or shortening isn’t draining from the frypot, the drain valve could be obstructed. Turn off the fryer and see if there are crumbs clogging the valve. If so, open the valve and clean it out using a brush.



Oil Boiling or Foaming Over

If the oil or shortening is boiling or foaming over, the following might have occurred:

  • Presence of water – When there is water in the oil or shortening, make sure to drain the oil or shortening and clean the fryer at the end of the cook cycle.

  • Incorrect rinsing – Make sure to not leave access water when rinsing the unit. After cleaning and rinsing the frypot, dry it thoroughly.

  • Incorrect or bad oil – The oil or shortening could be bad or incorrect for usage. Check the owner’s manual for the recommended oil or shortening to use.

  • Incorrect filtering – There could be missteps in the filtering procedure. Refer to the operation manual for the correct procedure.


Pressure Too High (Pressure Models Only)*

If the operating pressure on a Henny Penny pressure fryer is too high, the deadweight could be clogged. Shut off the fryer and let it cool to release pressure in the frypot.



Do not operate unit if pressure gauge shows high pressure conditions as it could result in severe injuries and burns. Immediately turn the power/pump switch to the OFF position to release the pressure and let the unit cool. Do not resume use of unit until an authorized service agent can correct the issue.


Pressure Won’t Build (Pressure Models Only)

When the pressure doesn’t build on a pressure fryer, the following could have occurred:

  • Not enough food in the frypot – When there isn’t enough food in the frypot, this can cause pressure issues. Make sure the frypot is at full capacity when frying food in oil.



    PFG-600 Fryer

  • Leaking lid gasket – If the lid gasket is leaking due to cracks and splits, it will need to be replaced by an authorized technician.

  • Metal shipping spacer still on deadweight – See if the metal shipping spacer is still on the deadweight. Make sure to remove it using the proper unpacking instructions in the operation manual.

  • Pressure incorrectly programmed – The machine might need to be reprogrammed using the proper pressure settings. Contact an authorized technician for assistance.

  • Broken PC board – When the PC board is broken, have it repaired by an authorized technician.


Pressure Won’t Exhaust (Pressure Models Only)

If the pressure isn’t exhausting at the end of a cooking cycle on a pressure fryer, the exhaust line or solenoid is obstructed. Shut off the fryer and let it cool to release pressure in the frypot. Once it’s cool and pressure has released, an authorized technician will need to clean all clogs the lines, solenoid and exhaust tank.


Looking for additional tips? Check out our selection of Henny Penny manuals for more information.

Please contact Foodservice Solutions for all your Henny Penny needs. 

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